About UGA Motorsports


UGA Motorsports is a team of UGA students across all disciplines who share a passion for the automotive industry and work together to pursue our common goal of designing and building exceptional racecars. UGA Motorsports aims to develop professional, motivated, and well-rounded students.


We are composed of two separate race teams: Formula and ChampCar. The Formula Team uses technical engineering knowledge to design and build an FSAE car each year from scratch to compete nationally. The ChampCar Team trains students to solve mechanical problems and experience real race engineering with our Ford Mustang ChampCar and endurance racing.

The Foundation

The UGA chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers began in 2014 under the leadership of President Sam Hepburn and Vice President Ahnna-Leisha Stover. The humble beginnings were low in attendance but high in aspirations towards designing a Formula SAE team. While we lacked the resources to start the Formula project, we enthusiastically toured racing facilities and learned from guest speakers. We benefited heavily from the expansion of the UGA College of Engineering and as a result, saw exponential growth in 2017. Finally, we were granted a shop space at Driftmier Engineering Center on October 30th of 2017. By May of 2018, the newly formed Formula team began the design and manufacturing of the university's first-ever FSAE racecar. A year later, in June of 2019, the car was completed and competed nationally in Lincoln, NE. Additionally, the inaugural UGA ChampCar team began work in August of 2019, converting two Ford Mustangs, generously donated by Ahnna-Leisha Stover and Dr. Mark Trudgen, into a single, fully functioning endurance racecar.  



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