About the Formula SAE Team


The UGA Formula SAE program is an organization where our main goal is to build a small scale formula one race car to compete internationally. The competition vehicle is designed, engineered, and manufactured from start to finish exclusively by the students of this team. The Formula SAE program is perfect for students who want experience with designing and manufacturing. At the end of the project parts designed by the students will be fabricated and featured on the final car. In addition to engineering experience, the Formula SAE competition includes a business presentation and detailed cost report to not only keep students accountable for their spending, but to also emulate an actual working environment.

From start to finish, the team usually separates their build into three sub-parts: design, manufacturing, and testing. During the first few months of design, teams will break off into divisions tackling the major components of the car. These sub-teams include electronics, powertrain, frame, and suspension. Through Formula SAE, aspiring engineers have the chance to apply their knowledge and skills acquired from their classes to a physical project they can be proud of. Each design must be analyzed closely to make sure the design is manufacturable and ensure practicality. After design is complete, manufacturing begins and the testing of these parts follows shortly afterwards.

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Seth Hibler

Formula Team Lead

Jake Lancaster 

Formula Co-captain