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Welcome to UGA Motorsports!


UGA Motorsports is proud to work with the best students the University of Georgia has to offer. Our goal is to provide a hands-on experience working for or with an Automotive racing team. We intend to build a family of students that share a passion for motorsports. Whether you just love racing and want to help (and watch) cars go fast, or you are feeling brave enough to design a whole new aero-package, we want YOU. Together, we strive to provide a community of like-minded people from all backgrounds and majors the chance to work on towards on common goal: TO WIN RACES

See What Our Alumni Say

Chris Parrish, 2019

Direxa Engineering

"Being a part of the UGA Motorsports program was the greatest experience I could’ve asked for as an engineering student. My ability to organize, lead, communicate, design for fabrication, manage projects, negotiate, and collaborate came from Formula SAE and UGA Motorsports. I wouldn’t be half the engineer I am today without it. It opened doors for me professionally (and continues to do so) that I would have never been able to approach otherwise. I encourage every young engineer (or young professional of any kind) to get involved. It's an amazing opportunity to see what life as a professional is like, and you get to do it in the coolest way possible... race cars!"

Matthew Colquitt, 2022


"Joining the UGA Motorsports team was easily the best decision of my college career. Being involved and willing to say "yes" to responsibility and challenging tasks grew me as a person and engineer. The opportunities to design complex systems, lead a team, and learn and use manufacturing techniques and advanced equipment fundamentally changed how I think about engineering solutions. Building a race car was always one of my dreams, and UGA Motorsports allowed me to fulfill that. My experience in this club allowed me to meet and work with great people and made me a much more well-rounded engineer. This club is some of the most fun you can have at college (and in life) if you say "yes," work hard, and see where it takes you."

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