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Our Team

Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers

UGA Motorsports is a University of Georgia, College of Engineering affiliated program designed and aimed to give students hands-on design, manufacturing and racing experience through real-world practice. With our three different divisions, we provide all students a place to harness and enhance their unique talents and abilities. No matter what major our students are or what their previous race experience is, there is a place for everyone on our team!


Our Story

In 2014, a small group of engineering students with an interest in racing reached our to our faculty advisor, John Mativo, looking to create a space where students can learn and design automotive racing vehicles. After figuring out the logistics and through hard work and determination, UGA Motorsports was born, giving students a place to expand their knowledge through hands-on experience and learning opportunities. 

Since our founding in 2014, UGA Motorsports has continuously grown to provide more opportunities and challenges to students across campus. With our funding provided by the College of Engineering and our generous community and corporate sponsors, we can continue to provide these unique experiences to students for many more students to come.

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