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ChampCar Endurance Racing

Our Endurance Racing program is focused on participating in ChampCar
events across the country. This team is based off of the ChampCar
Endurance Series which showcases ingenuity by racing custom rally cars
continuously from 7 to 24 hours. Our endurance team is perfect for
those wanting to have a genuine race experience by taking preexisting
cars and turning them into Endurance vehicles. Members of this program
have a large variety of opportunities to choose from including learning
and working on the Endurance car to actually racing in the event.


1999 Mustang

Our first endurance car was a '99 Mustang. We've competed with her and have progressively gotten better with each race. Our most recent was a race at the Atlanta Motorsports Park, where we were able to complete over half over the race. One of our best performances by far!

2004 BMW

The '04 BWM is a brand-new car that we have begun to convert into our new race vehicle. We began manufacturing in the Fall of 2022.

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