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FSAE Michigan June IC - 2022

FSAE Michigan June IC - 2022 was what some of our team would call our big break. We competed with the same chassis from 2021, spending the year testing, rebuilding and rewiring her. We traveled 16 hours to the Michigan International Speedway to give her a second (and last) chance to race. This time, we passed all of Technical Inspection and raced half of the endurance race before breaking down. 

Beyond the rankings (and arguably more importantly), our team learned how we can design our 2023 vehicle to be faster and lighter and with better overall engineering practice. We, also learned how to better compete in the cost and presentation events. We made connections with schools across the country who have been vital to our success in 2023. 


41st Place

Overall Ranking

39th Place

Design Event Ranking


29th Place

Presentation Event 

41st Place

Cost Event

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